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Aquagard M 40R:  

Aquagard M 40R - Fast Cure Elastomeric Waterproofing Membrane Systems  




A high performance, low odour, one-part, fast curing, high solids, polyurethane elastomer waterproof membrane. It is specially formulated for easy roller application of all permanently flexible, tough, high build, long life waterproof barriers. It is CSIRO certified Class III rating.




Aquagard M 40R is used for:  


Wet Areas - bathrooms, shower trays, laundries, toilets, spas

External - balconies, roof decks, sill or window flashings, podiums, planters

Tanking - retaining walls, landscaped areas, ponds, water features, non-potable water storage.

It can be applied to most stable surfaces - block, brick, concrete, render, timber, CFC, GRC, ALC, etc.  




Low VOC, meets Green Star requirements

Easy, fast one coat application - brush or roller

Simple, seamless, fast cure membrane

Root resistant barrier in planters

Excellent resistance to acid sulphate soils

Waterproof - resists ponded water

No hazardous level of toxic substances

Permanently flexible - total adhesion

Immediate Resistance to rain damage

Single pack - no mixing - high build

CSIRO approved to AS3740 "Waterproofing of wet areas" by TA 213 and tested Class III to AS/NZS4858

Compliant with AS4654 "Waterproofing membrane systems for exterior use", as a Class III membrane

Systems for Total Project Specification

Also available in Self-Level and Flowable grades with factory controlled viscosities  


Aquagard M 40R is a pure polyurethane elastomer. It does not contain bitumen or tar and will not bleed or stain. Engineered to allow high build application without multilayering and/or reinforcing mat. Guaranteed when used in with Chem-Fix Super two-part rubber based ceramic tile adhesive.  


Typical Properties  



Polyurethane Elastomer

Specific Density

1.35 - 1.45

Service Temperature

- 10 C to 80 C

Cure Time - ready for Flood Test, tiling, topping

8 hours

Tensile Strength (AS/NZS4858)

2.5 MPa

Elongation (AS/NZS4858)

850% = Class III

Moving Joint Test

Passed (CSIRO AS4858)

Immersion Durability (AS/NZS4858)

Passed (Water, bleach, detergent) = Class III

Peel Test (AS1526)

Concrete = 167N Glass = 53N


2.79 g/m2 /24 hrs

Chemical Resistance





Surface must be sound, smooth and free from dust or contaminants. Concrete should be cured 28 days and render 7 days. Generally use Chemflex LM PU sealant to fill joints, cracks, gaps and form fillets to internal corners or penetrations.


Bond Breaker

Install 12mm Chemflex LM PU sealant as bond breaker in accordance with requirements and provisions as shown in AS3740 and AS4654 for AS/NZS4858 Class III membrane. Allow all detailing work to skin cure before proceeding with general membrane installation.





To inhibit out-gassing on external surfaces, use Aquagard M Clear Primer. For internal areas use product diluted with 1 - 2 parts GP Solvent at 8-10m2/litre. Use Epocote F100W to seal any damp or green concrete. Roughen PVC or stainless steel before priming with Epocote F100W. Allow primer to at least become tack free before proceeding with membrane installation.




Treat all areas as required by BCA, AS3740 Wet Areas and AS4654.2 External Waterproofing (see Bond Breaker). Reinforce all joints in concrete, FC, CFC and timber sheet as well as other movement joints, penetrations, overlaps to angle flashings, etc with 100mm Reinforcing Fabric embedded between two coats of Aquagard M 40R. Application of Continuous Membrane .

Apply Aquagard M 40R membrane liberally by brush, squeegee or roller to desired uniform thickness (generally 1.25 - 1.5mm DFT). Allow to dry fully between coats. Do not use on fully exposed areas. For exposed roof and deck applications use Aquagard M UVR system.




Allow product to cure overnight before foot traffic. Protect installed membrane from damage. If surface retains any tacky feel, access is achieved by a light broadcast of fine sand. Remove any loose materials before over-coating.

The following surfacing systems may be used after the Aquagard M 40R membrane has fully cured.


Exposed Areas - Use Aquagard M Topcoat (non-slip or sheen finish) to provide UV stable protective finish.

Tiles - Lay tiles on mortar bed or otherwise fix directly with fully guaranteed Chem-Fix adhesives.

Rigid Surfaces - Use 0.2mm polyethylene slip-sheet under concrete toppings. Lay paving slabs supported on Multi-Pads or mortar bed.

Tanking - Cover with Protectoboard, Protectodrain or Rapid Drain, followed by backfill or landscaping.


Decorative Finishes

Use Epocote F100W to seal surface, then apply any exterior quality acrylic paint or Blockflex high build waterproof membrane coating.

Insulated - Thermally Use Insul-Foam closed cell insulation board to required thickness to give guaranteed R value.

Insulated - Acoustically Use Sound-Shield sound deadening system under tiles etc., as required by BCA regulations.

Aquagard M Exposed Trafficable Roofing Use Aquagard M UVR roof membrane system with UV resistant Aquagard M Topcoat.




External - Balconies, decks, retaining walls and planters - 1.25 lit (1.75kg) to 1.5 lit (2kg)/m2

Internal Wet Areas

Floors - 1.25 lit (1.75kg) to 1.5 lit (2kg)/m2

Walls - 2 to 3m2/ lit (0.7kg - 0.5kg/m2)




Aquagard M Clear Primer 17kg pails

Aquagard M 40R Membrane 22kg pails    


Clean  Up    


Use GP Solvent or methylated spirits before curing. Exercise care when using solvent, review all MSDS before use.


Shelf Life


Sealed pails have a 6 month shelf life, but once opened may solidify within a few days.


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