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Duraseal - Bitumen Roof Repair Liquid Membrane :


A thick cold applied solvent based bitumen, reinforced with tough inert fibres, which cures to provide a non-trafficable, black, semi-flexible waterproofing membrane.  


Waterproofing/sealing of concrete, blockwork, renders/screeds, compressed and fibrous cement sheeting, timber and metal substrates in external areas only. Suitable for waterproofing water storage tanks, ponds, retaining walls, planter boxes, roofs, gutters, downpipes and flashings. As an anti-corrosion coating or to suppress noise/vibration, such as the underside of cars. To repair malthoid type bitumen roofs.  


Ensure all surfaces are sound, dry, free of dirt, grease, curing compounds, release agents, paint and any other loose or contaminating materials. Application of the product onto damp surfaces is not advisable as it will minimise the product's adhesion capabilities to that surface and extend the curing time.

Smooth surfaces such as new galvanised metal/formed concrete should be mechanically roughened so to avoid adhesion problems to the substrate's surface. Alternatively, allow new metal surfaces to weather for at least 3 months before coating. Remove loose rust and scale with a wire brush, whilst severely rusted substrates should be treated with a rust treatment/converter.  


Application of Brushable Duraseal is achieved using a stiff brush. This application can be made easier in cold conditions if the Brushable Duraseal is placed in a hot water bath. Brushable Duraseal, when applied at the rate of 1L / m2 will give a 1mm wet coat, and 0.7mm dry coat thickness. When applied at the rate of 1.5L / m2, it will give a 1.5mm wet coat, and 1.0mm dry coat thickness. When applying Brushable Duraseal over surfaces where there are holes or cracks greater than 1mm, a reinforcement matting, needs to be incorporated i.e. open weave polyester matting. Initially apply a coat of the Brushable Duraseal around the area to be repaired. Next embed reinforcement matting in the first coat, ensuring the matting 'wets-out', and then apply a second coat of the Brushable Duraseal. When applying Brushable Duraseal at a right angle junction (i.e. wall-floor junctions), across cracks or movement joints, a suitable fillet/bond-breaking system needs to be initially installed. Further, appropriate reinforcement matting needs to be incorporated in these areas. 

Allow the Brushable Duraseal to cure for at least 48 hours at 200 C before exposing the membrane to any moisture. When Brushable Duraseal is to be applied in buried situations such as retaining walls/planter boxes, allow 3 - 10 days to cure before installing a protection sheeting/drainage cell system e.g. fibrous cement sheeting prior to back-filling. If over coating the Brushable Duraseal with other products, initially ensure compatibility and allow the Brushable Duraseal to cure for at least 7 days at 200 C. When Brushable Duraseal is used in enclosed areas or for tanking purposes such as drinking water storage tanks. Allow the product to cure for at least 2 weeks at 200 C and on the provision there is good ventilation. Where the Brushable Duraseal is used in drinking water tanks, ponds etc. Upon the product having cured, it is advisable to rinse the coated area with water, which is to then be discarded prior to being filled with fresh water.  

Note: The curing time of the Brushable Duraseal is dependent on the site and climatic conditions. Therefore in cold/adverse site conditions the curing time prior to the product being buried, protected or put into service may have to be extended.  


Brushable Duraseal is for external use only.  Delay external applications when inclement weather is imminent.  Brushable Duraseal is not suitable for waterproofing areas where negative hydrostatic pressure exists.  Brushable Duraseal will degrade if exposed to ultra violet/sun light; therefore it must be over coated when applied in such environments. Ormonoid Silvershield can be used to overcoat Brushable Duraseal, having allowed it to cure for a week.

When Brushable Duraseal is used to waterproof retaining walls/planter boxes, a suitable protection sheeting system such as fibrous cement sheeting must be installed prior to backfilling, to prevent the membrane from being pierced. Do not use Brushable Duraseal to waterproof planter boxes that will contain plants with aggressive roots. 

Brushable Duraseal is classified as a dangerous good. Normal good work practices should apply during use, e.g. the wearing of gloves and safety glasses.  


Depending on application and the porosity of the surface, 20L will cover 20m2 when applied at the rate of 1L / m2.  


Available in 4, 20 litre containers  

Clean up

Whilst wet, tools and equipment can be cleaned with mineral turps.  

Shelf life

Brushable Duraseal has a shelf life of up to 12 months in unopened containers stored in a cool, dry place


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