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Waterproof leaking water tanks tradesman Waterproof leaking metal roof contractors Waterproof Retaining Wall, Planter Box Liquid Membrane How to waterproof a planter box  How to waterproof a leaking metal roof gutter Waterproof Leaking Metal Roof, Metal Gutters Tradesmen Waterproof Metal Roof Liquid Rubber Membrane Waterproof Planter Box Liquid Rubber Membrane Waterproof flat roof liquid membrane Prevent Rising Damp  Waterproof Roof, Balcony, Planter Box, Bathroom Membrane Waterproof Water Tanks Liquid Membrane Waterproof Leaking Swimming Pool, Garden Fish Pond, Water pool, Water feature Tradesman  waterproof leaking deck, verandah, terrace tradesman Waterproof Leaking Fish Pond Tradesman Repair & Maintenance Bitumen Roof Licensed Waterproofer ARDEX EG15 Easy Clean Epoxy Grout Waterproof Swimming Pool Liquid Membrane Waterproof Planter Box Liquid Membrane Waterproof Planter Box Liquid Membrane Traffic Car Park Deck Waterproofing System Waterproof Wet Area, Shower Liquid Membrane Repair Balcony Liquid Waterproofing Membrane Waterproof Under tiles Liquid membrane Waterproof leaking box gutters liquid membrane  Waterproof Leaking Metal Roof, Colorbond Roof, Aluminium Roof tradesman Waterproof Shower Liquid Rubber Membrane Repair Roof Gutters Roof Flashing Liquid Membrane Waterproof Deck Balcony Liquid Membrane UV Stable Polyurethane Liquid Membrane Coating Waterproof leaking fish pond Liquid Membrane Waterproof Underground wall Liquid Membrane Waterproof Water Tanks Liquid Membrane Waterproof Lift Pit Liquid Membrane Waterproof Flat Roof Liquid Membrane Waterproof Leaking Shower Waterproof Swimming Pool Liquid Membrane Low VOC Polyurethane liquid membrane Waterproof Leaking Plant Room, Machine Room Contractors Waterproof Exposed Deck , Balcony Liquid Membrane ARDEX WPM 001 - Undertile Waterproofing Membrane Waterproof Box Gutters Liquid Membrane Repair Bitumen Roof Liquid Membrane Repair Leaking Roofs Gutter, Box Gutter Waterproofer 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Waterproof Leaking Colorbond roof, Metal roof, Concrete & Clay roof tradesman Waterproof Concrete Besser Block, Brick Retaining Wall Liquid Membrane
Commercial Building Sheet Membrane Concrete Roof Sheet Membrane Waterproof Deck Sheet Membrane Entertainment building Waterproofing Membrane Waterproof Government Building Sheet Membrane Waterproof Hospital Building Sheet Membrane Waterproof Landmark Building Bitumen Membrane Waterproofing Planter Box Sheet Membrane Waterproof Plywood Roof Sheet Membrane Waterproof Residential Building Sheet Membrane Waterproof Roof Bitumen Sheet Membrane Waterproof Flat Roof Sheet Membrane Waterproof Retaining Wall Sheet Membrane Terrace waterproofing Sheet Membrane Waterproof University Building Sheet Membrane Wrimco Reference Waterproof Lift Pit Sheet Membrane Waterproof Concrete Roof Sheet Membrane Tanking Sheet Membrane Systems Vaucluse Waterproofing Project  Mosman Waterproofing Project Waterproofing Palm Beach Waterproofing Dover Height Waterproofing Darling Point Waterproofing Bellevue Hill waterproofing tradesman Knowledge Base FAQ Waterproofing Product Waterproof Leaking Garage Roof tradesman Repair SBS, APP Sheet Membrane Waterproof Concrete Slab Sheet Membrane Waterproof Leaking Garage Roof Liquid Rubber Membrane Waterproof Leaking Metal Roof Liquid Rubber Membrane Waterproof Balustrade Sheet Membrane Waterproof Commercial Building Project Bitumen Sheet Membrane Closed Cell Backing Rod Repair Crack Joints Closed cell backer rod Backing Rod 20 Years Warranty 2 Layers Sheet Membrane System for Exposed Roof Ardex WPM 300 Epoxy - Stop Rising Damp Bitumen membrane with root inhibitors 20 Years Warranty APP Sheet Membrane Waterproof Concrete Slab, Retaining Wall Sheet Membrane Waterproof Retaining with Sheet Membrane 20 Years Warranty Sheet Waterproofing Membrane System Tremproof 3300 Self Adhesive Sheet Membrane Waterproof Concrete Slab, Retaining Wall Sheet Membrane How to find the Leaks Stop Basement Rising Damp Waterproofing Membrane Protection Drainage Sheet Retaining Wall Drainage Sheet Tremproof APP Sheet membrane System Ardex WPM750 Undertile Butynol Adhesive Repair Leaking Deck, Patio, Balcony Waterproofer Waterproof Basement Rising Damp Tradesmen Projects Waterproofed with Wrimco Sheet Membrane Waterproof Retaining walls sheet membrane Waterproof Balcony Sheet Membrane Waterproof Commercial High Rise Building Roof Contractors Self Adhesive Sheet Membrane Butynol Rubber Waterproofing System Ecotorch Sheet Membrane Self Adhesive Sheet Membrane Butynol Waterproofing System Waterproof Car Park Roof with sheet membrane Torch applied Mineral topping Sheet Membrane ARDEX WPM 185  APP Sheet Membrane Ardex WPM188 SBS Garden Tanking Membrane Waterproof Deck with torch applied Sheet Membrane Waterproof Planter Box, Retaining wall liquid membrane ARDEX WPM 1000 Weldable Waterproofing Membrane  SBS Sheet Membrane Installation ARDEX WPM 3000X Self Adhesive Sheet Membrane ARDEX WPM 750 Undertile Butynol Waterproof Concrete Slab with Sheet Membrane Waterproof Leaking Swimming Pool tradesman Ardex WPM 444 APP Bitumen Sheet Membrane How to waterproof a Retaining wall How to waterproof a Planter Box How to waterproof a planter box  How to waterproof Tiled Balcony How to waterproof a Shower Sika Acrylic Joint Sealant Anti Corrosion Epoxy Coating SikaTop-110 EpoCem Waterproof Lift Pits Sheet Membrane Anti Slip Water Based Waterproofing Coating Sika Joint Sealants Primer Torchflex SBS Sheet Waterproofing Membrane Epoxy Resin Bonding Agent Swimming Pool Neutral curing Silicone Sikaflex Pro polyurethane joint Sealant  How to waterproof balcony with sheet membrane Anti Root Sheet Membrane Ardex WPM188 UV Stable Polyurethane Coating Vehicle Trafficalbe Waterproofing Liquid Membrane Mapelastic Smart Cementitious Membrane Sikadur 52 - Low viscosity epoxy resin Polyurea and Polyurethane Liquid Membrane Construction Site Protection Board Repair Bitumen Roof Liquid Membrane UV Resistant Water Based Liquid Membrane Waterproof Lift Pits licensed Contractors Waterproof Leaking Basement, Underground Tradesman Repair Leaking Roof, Gutters, Balcony, Car Park Contractors Waterproof Leaking Deck, Verandah tradesman Repair Metal Roof Liquid Membrane Sikalastic 560 - Repair Existing Waterproofing Membrane Flat Roof Waterproofing Planter Box Waterproofing Waterproof Balconies Decks Podiums Waterproofing Sheet Liquid Membrane Basement Retaining Wall Waterproofing System Waterproof Concrete Slab with torch applied sheet membrane How to waterproof a planter box Waterproof Leaking Retaining Wall, Basement Wall tradesman Under Concrete Slab waterproofing Ardex HydrEpoxy WPM 300 Waterproof Car Park Liquid Membrane Vulkem 360NF Waterproof Leaking Fire Water Storage Tanks Waterproofer
Maxseal Foundation:  
MAXSEAL FOUNDATION is a construction grade cement based product which, together with special additives and selected aggregates gives it waterproofing characteristics, whether the foundations are in concrete or masonry. It gives great protection to foundation concrete thanks to its high resistance to aggressive waters.
Waterproofing of retaining walls, carparks, basements, elevator pits, tanks and dams.
Good adherence, it becomes incorporated to the support where it is applied, it fills and seals pores.
It can be applied on wet surfaces not needing these to be dried.
Lesser cost than any other traditional system.
Large duration and superior to any others asphalt product.
Unaffected by soil salts. In a positive application.
Easy to apply with tampico type brush, obtaining large yields at its application.

Application instructions
Concrete and masonry foundation walls
Remove all oils and remnants from surface, as well as blooms or plaster.
At the joining area between vertical wall and foundation slab, make a 2x3 cm. slot, refill it with MAXREST or MAXPLUG.
If aggregate nests are present in concrete, patch them with MAXREST.
Concrete scaffolding wires or passing rods must be cut and a superficial patch of minimum 1 cm. deep must be made.
Dampen surface with clean water and apply a first MAXSEAL FOUNDATION layer with a 1,5 Kg/m2 load. After 8-hours curing, a second layer must be applied with a 1 Kg/m2 load.

IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY of the applicator to determine whether a structure contains any form of efflorescence PRIOR TO APPLICATION. Any traces of efflorescence in negative waterproofing should be high pressure water blasted and SILOXANE CLEAR introduced with two coats of MAXSEAL FLEX.   

Concrete and masonry foundation walls subject to great pressures and water aggressiveness.
Under these conditions, second layer must be applied with trowel.
A first MAXSEAL FOUNDATION layer with a 1,5 Kg m2 load must be applied.

Once this first layer is set, apply a second layer with trowel with material enough to level the surface, approx. 7 Kg/m 2. This second layer is prepared adding to each 25 Kgs. MAXSEAL FOUNDATION bag, 12 Kgs. of siliceous sand.

To obtain a good MAXSEAL FOUNDATION adherence at the concrete or masonry wall, we recommend that the surface requires to be a medium to high porosity substrate. If not MAXSEAL FLEX should be used for extra surface adhesion.

Application  Concrete and masonry foundation walls Detach all oils and remnants from surface, as well as blooms or plaster. At the joining area between vertical wall and foundation slab, make a 2 x 3 cm. slot, refill it with maxrest or maxplug. Maxseal Flex is recommended for all cold joints, subject to future movement. If aggregate nests present in concrete, patch them with maxrest. Concrete scaffolding wires or passing rods must be cut and a superficial patch of minimum 1 cm. width must be made. Dampen surface with clean water and apply a first maxseal foundation layer with a 1,5 Kg/m2 load. After 8-hours curing, a second layer must be applied with a 1 Kg/m2 load. Concrete and masonry foundation walls subject to great pressures and water aggressiveness.

Under these conditions, second layer must be applied with trowel.
A first maxseal foundation layer with a 1,5 Kg/m2 load must be applied.
Once this first layer is set, apply a second layer with trowel with material enough to level the surface, approx. 7 Kg/m 2.This second layer is prepared adding to each 25kg. maxseal foundation bag, 12kg. of  siliceous sand. Note: Any traces of efflorescence in negative waterproofing, should be high pressure water blasted and SILOXANE CLEAR introduced with two coats of MAXSEAL FLEX

Applications tools
MAXSEAL FOUNDATION can be applied with brush, MAXBRUSH type or tampico fiber brush to facilitate its penetration in pores and hollows. Apply a thick layer to form a continuous and even coating, do not extend as paint and apply it in only one direction. Second layer must be applied crosswise. After material application, clean brushes with water for further use.

After material application, clean brushes with water for further use.

Mixing Pour clear water in a bucket and add MAXSEAL FOUNDATION slowly obtaining a thick creamy paste.

Let it rest for 10-15 minutes.
Mix with a metallic rod and a mixing disk assembled on a drill at low speed approximately during one minute. A 25kg. MAXSEAL FOUNDATION bag requires 7-7,5 it of water.

Application temperature
At summertime temperatures, wet the surface with abundant water .
If a fast drying is observed, water can be sprayed 2 hours after the product application.
In winter time do not apply at temperatures below 5oC or if lower temperatures are expected within the next 24 hours after the application.
It must not be applied on frozen or icy surfaces. Optimal working temperature is between 15oC to 28oC.  
Avoid application when rainfall is expected within the next 4-6 hours further to application.

Laboratory tests
Waterproofing and mechanical resistance.
Tests carried out at Instituto Eduardo Torroja, available upon request.

MAXSEAL FOUNDATION delivered in 25kg, bags and drums, also supplied in 14 kg handy pack.

One year in its original unopened container in a dry covered place, protected from frost.

As all cement products MAXSEAL FOUNDATION is an abrasive compound. It is not toxic but care should be taken while mixing and applying it, not to let it come into contact with the hands. Rubber gloves should be worn for protection. If it splashes in the eyes, rinse well with clean water; do not rub. If irritation persists, consul a doctor .   



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