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Waterproofing Membrane Products FAQ:           link:   Waterproofing Tradesman


Q1: New balcony scyon sheet needs waterproof system which will be tiled over with tessellated tiles, also need to gain at least 3mm height.  


A: Seal joints with seal leak tape then 2 coats of Polyurethane UV resistant liquid membrane follow by two coats of primer.


Q2: I am a builder and assuming I have engaged a reputable waterproofer to apply the most suitable materials for the various areas, how best can I ensure that my building will be watertight?


A: Probably the most important thing you should do is to provide a sound substrate that is reasonably smooth. It is always best for membranes to be applied to the structural elements of the building rather than applied finishes such as screeded or rendered walls, and to terminate under flashings. Any pock marks or hollows should be cleaned out, properly primed before applying membrane. Blockwork should be pointed up flush and if liquid membranes are to be used, bagging is recommended. Laitance and cement dust should be removed with a high pressure water jet, acid etching (followed by soda ash) or sand blasting. Naturally, once the preparation is completed but you have to wait for it to dry, make sure other trades are kept off the area as much as possible and especially important to keep it dry. Otherwise protect the surface appropriately, and do the same if there is a delay tiling or whatever after the membrane has been applied and of course, water tested. 

Q3: We have a solid brick basement wall which has been rendered and painted, about 5 foot underground and in very prolonged heavy rain, lets water through. The house is about 17 years old and this has only happened a couple of times, but we are keen to fix it. Would you have any waterproofing products for it. 


A: Best to remove the paint and apply moisture barrier, r esist hydrostatic pressure epoxy primer follow by 2 coats cementitious liquid membrane.


Q4: I am building a house with a basement and I need to build retaining walls. Which waterproofing membrane would you suggest?

A:  If it is critical we would recommend to use SBS sheet membrane, if not critical, you could also use latex bitumen liquid membrane.


Q5: I am looking to purchase approximately 6m2 of drainage cell and filter fleece for a planter on a concrete deck. 


A:  We supply drainage cell module size 500 mm (L) x 500 mm (W) x 30 mm (H), 4 pieces per square metre. We supply filter fabric 1m x 1m x 50 metres long, and 1m x 2m x 50 metres long.

Q6: I have some wooden shelving that needs to go into a scientific laboratory. These shelves must conform to certain guidelines including..."be smooth, impermeable to water, cleanable, and resistant to damage by the cleaning agents and/or disinfectants that will be used in the facility." The shelves are currently raw woods. The disinfectant used in our lab would be considered quite mild and the shelves would only be wiped over with disinfectant occasionally. The shelves are to go inside a 15 C cabinet and have plastic containers placed on them. I have 10 shelves, approximately 520 x 440 x 15 mm in size. Can you suggest any products that might provide this type of protection to the shelving?


A: We would suggest DuroWBE which is an easily applied, water based 2 parts epoxy. Epoxies are well known for their chemical resistance.


Q7: I am a building designer in Melbourne. I am trying to source a product that can be applied to an exposed steel structure that will provide a thermal break between the steel and adjacent aluminium window frame. The intent is to use thermally broken aluminium double glazed windows, but I want to ensure the effectiveness of the windows is not lost with heat transfer through the aluminium frame touching the steel window surround. Do you have a suitable product?


A: Our PACTIV GreenGuard PB4 should be ideal and any styrene compatible glue could be used to stick it to the aluminium frame. Each 8kg bundle has 18.6 sqm approx 6.4mm x 600 x 1200


Q8: Please advise the best approach and a budget price for repairing waterproof membranes in 6 planter boxes on a building rooftop in South Brisbane. The planter boxes were installed by another contractor. The boxes have leaked on previous occasions.   
A: Assuming the water is not coming through the walls and thus bypassing the membrane, the best solution is to empty the planter and re-membrane it with Wrimco SBS sheet membrane and then PB4 protection board, 30mm PP drainage cell on the base with 1mm filter fabric, 50mm double washed coarse river sand and then the planter mix. Second option is to use anti-root polyurethane liquid membrane.

Q9: I have terracotta glazed tiles on a concrete slab in a basement area. During wet weather moisture seeps up from the slab in between the grout and leaves a film of moisture on the tiles. Do you have a product available I can brush or roll over the tiles and grout to stop the moisture seeping up from the slab.


A: We recommend UV resistant Polyurethane Clear liquid membrane or deep penetrating siloxane waterproofing sealer.


Q10:  We are building a concrete wall that will be built up to an existing slab. There will be a step in the wall to the slab. Unfortunately because of the sandstone boulders above the rock we cannot get in to cut a flashing so I don't know what is the best way to waterproof the junction. What is your advice?

A: We would recommend polyurethane or latex bitumen liquid membrane together with protection board to concrete upturn before the big stones are installed.


Q11: We are looking at waterproofing a rendered structure. This render has been placed onto a timber frame that produces a lot of movement. This has resulted in cracking in the render. What do you recommend? Can we use a textile in with the paint? What type of spray equipment is recommended for spraying this type of paint?


A: 2 coats polyurethane modified UV resistant liquid membrane followed by 2 coats primer.  You could reinforce the membrane with polyester textile. Standard airless spray equipment would be suitable and, since water based, easily cleaned provided it is done promptly.


Q12: I need to seal the outside of a concrete block wall. It is currently backfilled with soil, and is leaking water through into the building. I will be excavating back and inserting proper drainage after sealing.


A: After checking mortar is pointed 100%, prime with 2 coats Epoxy primer and then 2 coats flexible rubberised bituminous liquid membran. Best solution is to apply SBS sheet membrane.  


Q13: What is the lifespan of waterproof sheet membranes used on rooves exposed to the sun? 
A: The lifespan of our SBS granule membrane is confidently expected to be in excess of 30 years. 

Q14: I am having a problem with my leaking portable roof. It consists of a sandwich board ceiling/roof but the steel has pulled away from the foam backing (de-laminated). I have tried waterproof paint/membranes but it is still leaking. Do you have any suitable applications in your range of products?


A: We would suggest to use our UV resistant polyurethane membrane provided the foam is not polystyrene which would be dissolved by the solvent. Otherwise apply polyurethane modified membrane or DuroAC external acrylic liquid membrane. Best of all would be to use our "Wrimco SBS Granules" by an torch applied applicator.

Q15: How do I waterproof a balcony without tiling pavers or plastic grass so the membrane is accessible but with a finish suitable for recreational use. 


A: Apply Wrimco SBS base sheet with all joints butted followed by a Granules cap sheet with selvedge removed and also butted to provide a level, non slip surface without bumps. Then apply heavy duty acrylic UV resistant non slip waterproofing coating. All deck furniture should have plastic or rubber feet. It is easy to apply an additional coating years after to maintain good appearance.  


Q16: I have had a retaining wall built from Besser blocks and cement rendered. Now I would like to paint it but there is moisture coming from the soil side that shows through the render. I have been told that you may have a product which I can use with paint to coat the wall that will adhere even if the moisture does not completely dry. Is this correct?


A: We would recommend two coats Wrimco wet surface primer follow by two coats cementitious liquid membrane but it is preferable to first remove the render as retaining the moisture within the wall may cause the render to break off or go drummy. 

Q17: We have an external balcony that is leaking water to an internal office. We believe the grout / cracks are the problem as we have temporarily stopped the leaks by sealing the grout with silicone. Do you have a product that we could either coat the grout or the entire area that is approx 18 sqm metres?


A: We would recommend AR clear primer follow by Clear liquid membrane, otherwise apply our clear, high pH, deep penetrating siloxane waterproofing sealer .


Q18:  Which waterproofing products would you recommend to waterproof bathrooms?


A: DuroP15 it not only complies with AS3740-2004 but also surpasses the test requirements of AS4858-2004, it can be applied on the floors also on the walls. It is a Class III modified acrylic urethane membrane. Rubberized latex liquid membrane are also suitable over the mortar beds.

Q19: I am about to begin construction of a basement that will require around 460m2 of waterproofing membrane to the external walls which will have a very clean FC Sheet finish. All joints will be sealed with a urethane sealant. Which product would you recommend to use in this situation? Do we need to use a plastic Coredrain product or is a Geotextile product sufficient to protect the membrane?


A: Torch on SBS sheet membrane would be our first choice, second option is to use rubberized bituminous elastomeric or pure urethane waterproofing membranes. The membrane protection boards you can choose from: XPS protection borad, Cuspated 6mm dimpled board, Geotextile 8mm, 10mm Drainage Sheet.    


Q20: We need a membrane for a concrete roof with an outer wall of polystyrene foam that we plan to seal with acrylic render. There is a small gap between the PS and the roof slab with a low parapet covered with Duro AC liquid membrane. Another application is for membrane to seal onto a glass skylight with a 1% fall but there is no rendering or PS involved. Should the membrane be covered by an aluminium angle fixed to the wall? 


A: The membrane to the concrete slab and up the vertical face of the parapet should be Wrimco SBS plain, while apply Wrimco SBS self adhesive granules membrane to cover the Duro AC and down onto the PS. The granules provide an excellent key for the acrylic renderr. The plain version of Wrimco self adhesive membrane will stick well to the glass (after cleaning). For the ultimate in safety, fix an angle to the wall after pressing down onto beads of SBS Mastic (Polyroof) with the surplus neatly removed.


Q21: I have a leaking shower and I would like to seal the tiles and grouting. What do you suggest?


A: We would recommend to seal the tiles and grouting with deep penetrating siloxane waterproofing clear sealer.


Q22: I have an exterior deck on which I have laid compressed fibro sheets. I am undecided as to whether to tile or use a sandstone appearing paving paint (to match the pool area); either way I must use a waterproof membrane on the fibro. The deck area is 10m x 2.4m. Your Clear Sealer products look appropriate. Could you let me know the cost for the area and comment upon the suitability? 


A: Wrimco Acrylic Clear Sealer could be used to seal the sandstone appearing paving paint provided the Xylene solvent would not affect it, but this is most unlikely. It is best to torch apply SBS Plain sheet membrane on the fibro and then tile. Alternatively, if you laid the fibro with 4mm gaps, inserted 6mm closed cell polyethylene backing rod and sealed with Sikaflex Construction AP urethane sealant, you could use a liquid applied membrane, preferably our pure urethane after priming with solvent based primer. Last step to prime with water based epoxy WBE before your paving paint.


Q23: The siutuation is a basement retaining wall (of besser brick) and concrete floor. The junction of the floor and wall is experiencing dampness / water vapour (thankfuly no running water). the reason is wet sub-soil on the other side (external face) of the wall. It is not possible to acccess the sub-soil to remove the wetness / improve drainage. Is there any product to seal / prime / membrane the internal face of the wall and floor prior to painting wall and tiling the floor?


A: Prime with moisture surface primer and then 2 coats of acrylic cementitious liquid membrane. Best to go full height or at least to dirt height. Also check that the drainage is not blocked. 


Q24: I would like to purchase the best product to seal my basement wall, which leaks very mildly at the join between the floor slab and vertical block wall during heavy rain - the block wall has been painted. Due to cost I would like to install it by myself - approximately 20 linear meters. What would you recommend?


A: Apply hydrostatic pressure resistant, cementitious flexible waterproofing liquid membrane after Epoxy. However the paint would have to be removed as these products will only work on concrete or brick  

Q25: What is the best roof membrane?


A: Torch applied SBS sheet membranes are more durable and can last longer than liquid membranes.


Q26: We have a situation on a timber balcony half covered with a bituminous sheet. Can you please advise us which of your materials would be suitable. So we need to stick to timber and old membrane. We have approx 35 square metres. I had mentioned to the client that perhaps after he could paint the whole balcony over with a coloured material. Is that possible.
A: This is a bit trickier and depends on just how much traffic the deck will have. Irrespective it should not be subject to point loads, table & chair legs, stilettos etc.  Bitumen needs to be clean, dry and well bonded. Loose stuff must be removed. Apply 2 coats of Epoxy. Apply 2 coats of polyurethane modified liquid membrane. Optional 2 coats trafficable anti-slip coating. Of course, corners, gaps, joints and penetrations should be addressed in usual manner. 
Q27: We need to waterproof the roof of a caravan. We thought the Aluminium Bitumen Flashing Tape for the seams & joins. What do you suggest to paint over the whole roof.?  .
A: We recommend " UV Protection Liquid Membrane" for your Caravan roof, and Bitumen Aluminium Flashing Tape for the seams & joins .    
Q28: When is it best to use SBS torch on membrane for a balcony, a planter box, retaining walls and when would a liquid applied urethane be preferred?
A:  There are several criteria that need to be considered. The first but not necessarily the most important is the likely weather conditions. Assuming you are referring to solvent based urethanes, these require a dry substrate and reasonably warm humid weather. If the substrate is a bit damp, blisters can occur and unless cut out promptly, delamination becomes a problem when re-membraning the affected area. This also applies to repairing damage but can be overcome by first scrubbing with a 50:50 mixture of MEK and Xylene.


When there is a cold dry westerly blowing (in Sydney), slow curing can result as the chemical reaction requires humidity and for every 10 C rise in temperature, the rate of reaction doubles. If leaves or construction debris stick to the membrane, it is best to leave it there rather than risk pulling a patch of membrane.  The old adage "oil and water don't mix" should be borne in mind with both these systems. Rather than use a solvent based sealer primer, if there is excessive moisture present, apply a water based 2 part epoxy primer in the case of the urethane, or no primer at all if you use SBS torch membrane which has exceptional adhesive properties. In fact you do not need to prime FC, timber or blockwork.


The second would be the size and shape of the area to be waterproofed. Liquids are preferred for curved or triangular shapes and where there is limited space. More "elbow room" is required for torch application with a minimum of 600mm. Small diameter drains are also a problem.  Sheet membranes are best suited for larger areas and when there is likely to be construction activity before covering the membrane. The SBS membrane is strongly reinforced and much less liable to damage than a unreinforced soft urethane rubber that is very much thinner.


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